In a previous life (at least it seems that way) Lynne Christofferson performed with BYU’s Young Ambassadors, worked as a vocal studio accompanist, and served a full-time mission in Washington, D.C. Somewhere between mission and marriage, she discovered a love of songwriting and has received recognition on local, Church and national levels for her compositions. Most recently, her song “Keeping Sheep”--the title song of her 2001 debut album--was awarded first place honors in the 2001 General Relief Society Music Contest. Her song “He Was a Shepherd Too” won first place in the 1989 Intermountain Songwriting Contest judged in Nashville. It appears on the album “Christmas: A Holiday of the Heart.” Five songs from the “Keeping Sheep” album have received awards from the Church Music Contest and Mormon Arts Festival. Lynne and her husband Brad currently “keep sheep” in Lehi, Utah (3 in the pasture and 5 in the house).

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