U.S. Senator Orrin G. Hatch (lyricist) was born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He apprenticed in the AFL-CIO as a building tradesman, and later worked his way through Brigham Young University and the University of Pittsburgh Law School, where he graduated with honors. Prior to his election to the Senate in 1976, Senator Hatch had held no public office. He is the former Chairman and now Ranking Republican Member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, and 2nd ranking Republican on the Senate Finance Committee. He has had a love for music since an early age when his parents saved scarce money to buy him a season pass to the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra. He says that lyric writing "softens him," and helps bring joy, peace, and balance to his work in our nationís capitol. Senator Hatch and Janice Kapp Perry have now produced 7 albums of music. He and his wife, Elaine, are the parents of six children and 20 grandchildren.

www.hatchmusic.com or www.senate.gov/~hatch/

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