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70 Favorite Children's Songs by Janice Kapp Perry
This collector's edition DOUBLE CD set contains all 70 of the songs from Janice's first four children's albums ("I'm Trying to Be Like Jesus," "A Child's Prayer," "The Church of Jesus Christ," and "Happiness Comes in Colors"), which are not available individually on CD. 133 minutes of music!
Song Titles
A Boy Named Joseph Smith
A Boy Like Me
A Child's Prayer
An Attitude of Gratitude
Another Testament of Christ
Anyone Can Pray
At Conference Time
Birthday, Birthday
Daddy, I Love You
Do Unto Others
Everybody Loves to Dance
Ezra Taft Benson
Faith Grows That Way
Faith is Believing
Friendly Balloons
Get to Know the World
Grandma & Grandpa Are Called on a Mission
Hypocrite Rock
I Care About You
I Come to the Water
I Know
I Know My Father Loves Me
I Love the Book of Mormon
I Love to Remember
I Love to See the Temple
I Pray in Faith
I Sing Good Morning
I Talk With Heavenly Father
I Will Always Obey
I Wonder
I Wonder Why
If Happiness Comes in Colors
Imagine Me, a Missionary

I'm Trying to Be Like Jesus
Jesus Is My Shepherd
Jesus, Listening, Can Hear
Jesus Understands Children
Just Do Your Best
Love is Spoken Here
My Baptism Day
My Blessings
Mother, Tell Me the Story
Mother, When I See You Smile
My Daddy Reminds Me
My Own Family
My Own Little Lamp
Show and Tell
Sing for the Lord is Listening
Single Snowflakes
Something Good About Myself
Speak to Me Gently
The Church of Jesus Christ
The Happiest Kind of Feeling
The Language of Smile
The Prophet I Know Best
The Sabbath Was Made for Man
The Whole World Has a Party
The Word of Wisdom
To Ev'ry Nation
To Be Happy
We Are Free to Choose
We Follow the Prophet
We'll Bring the World His Truth
What Would Jesus Do
When It's Time for My Mission
Where is Heaven

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