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It's A Miracle
The is a video of the popular LDS musical play by Joy Saunders Lundberg and Janice Kapp Perry. The original cast toured for three years, from coast to coast and border to border, playing to hundreds of thousands of people in the U.S. This video, recorded in front of live audiences, is now available for home viewing. Excellent family entertainment to inspire members to serve full-time missions and to help non-members want to know more about the Church. Fans of the 80's will find this a trip down memory lane, but that's half its charm. "It's A Miracle" is finally available on DVD, and not only that, along with the DVD we're also packaging the CD of the original cast recording, all for one low price of $19.98! NOW AVAILABLE! (105 minutes -- full color)
Song Titles
It's a Miracle Overture
How Can I Thank Thee
Me, a Missionary
I Know Everything
Forever I Love You
Beyond This Moment
Michael's Decision
It's a Miracle (reprise)
In the Hollow of Thy Hand
A Missionary's Prayer
MTC Victory Song
We're Companions
I Love To Be a Guardian Angel
Where Is Heaven
He's All I Ever Wanted
Well Done
It's a Miracle (finale)

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