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I Will Sing! (JAPANESE)
Nobuaki Irie: Celebrating 20 Years of Singing • REGULARLY RETAILS FOR $16.98
Nobuaki is a pioneer in getting gospel-themed music from the United States to Japan. I love the Japanese members and thank him for arranging the wonderful tour we enjoyed there in 2010! I congratulate him on his twenty years of musical accomplishments and are honored that he has recorded my family's music. I wish him great future success in this important endeavor. Congratulations! ~Janice Kapp Perry

20 years ago, when I recorded my first song, "Let Me Be A Light," I never thought that I would be still singing today. I am very grateful to Janice Kapp Perry for giving me the chance to record 20 years ago, and for trusting me all these years. I feel blessed to have met wonderful artists and friends: Kevin and Joel from Afterglow, Clive Romney, Michael McLean, Jericho Road (Dave, Bret, Abe & Justin), Kenneth Cope, Daniel Beck, Bless4 (Akashi, Kanasa, Akino, and Aiki), Etsuko Miyazato, Sumiyo Amarume, Tomoko Yutaka, and more! And Masa, your devotion and talent to this project is greatly appreciated. You are simply amazing! I want my family and all of my good friends to know how much I love them. I also want to thank all those who have listened to my music for their support. I am most grateful to my Heavenly Father for leading and guiding me in this earthly life. I know He wants me to sing--therefore "I Will Sing!" ~Nobuaki Irie
Song Titles
I Will Sing!
Let Me Be a Light
When Love Leads the Way
Duty to God
He Brought Me Light (w/Daniel Beck)
Like a Lighthouse
My Single Heart
Hold On, the Light Will Come
Big Tree
Never a Better Hero (w/Kenneth Cope)
Sukiyaki (w/Jericho Road)
I Believe in Christ
Arigato Okaasan
Nearer, My God, to Thee (w/Bless4)
My Friend, My Brother
Extending Light
I Will Sing! (English version)

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