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Beloved Double Melodies of Janice Kapp Perry
FROM MICHAEL BALLAM: "The great master Bach, then Irving Berlin, and now Janice Kapp Perry have mastered the ability to create two glorious independent melodies which when sung together create something truly extraordinary."

Many of Janice's best-known songs, and the favorites to sing among primary children and youth groups, are those with double melodies, often referred to as counterpoint. Now we've put them all together into one collection in a 2-CD set (vocal and instrumental discs) PLUS you also get the piano/vocal songbook in pdf format on the instrumental disc so you can print out and sing any of the sixteen songs from the album.

NOTE: The vocal disc has 16 tracks, but there is no instrumental track available for "His Little Ones" so the instrumental disc contains only 15 tracks.
Song Titles
A Child's Prayer
How Great Shall Be Your Joy
Mother, Tell Me the Story
Lord, Are You There?
Love Is Spoken Here
The Church of Jesus Christ
My Mother / My Daughter
I Pray In Faith
Teach a Child / I Love to See the Temple
Upon You, My Fellow Servants
Choose You This Day
The Word of Wisdom
And Whoso Receiveth You
Speak to Me Gently
His Little Ones
As Sisters in Zion / We'll Bring the World His Truth

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