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Do You Have a Little Love to Share?
Commissioned by Nathan Gwilliam of Adoption Media, this new album from lyricist Joy Saunders Lundberg and composer Janice Kapp Perry is being released nationally this fall. Joy and Janice both experienced the joys and challenges of being foster mothers. "Do You Have a Little Love to Share?" was written as a result of those experiences, and it is their hope that others hearing this album will open their hearts and homes to foster children who are in need of their love.

The Custom Instrumental CD is a karaoke CD without any vocals.
Song Titles
Do You Have a Little Love to Share?
Empty Arms
I Gave You More
Mama's Lullaby
Daddy's Little Girl
How Do I Say Thank You?
We're All the Same Inside
Do You Love Me As Your Own?
Nobody Wanted Me
Our Little Wounded Angel
My Designated Daddy
Lullaby to a Newborn
This Little Life Is In Our Hands
Let Me Be That Someone

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