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A Song of the Heart
For the first time, Janice sings her own songs on this beautiful recording.

"This album contains songs that are especially meaningful to me for various reasons--songs expressing my love for home, family, music, and my Savior. In the past I have not personally sung on my recordings but have wisely deferred to the pros. Maybe turning 60 and feeling my mortality a bit gave me the courage to just "do it." Several of the selections on this album are songs that I use in my firesides. I have chosen songs for all ages and share these songs of my heart lovingly with my posterity and a bit timidly with the public. But whatever the outcome, I'm "livin' my dream'." ~Janice

The Custom Instrumental CD is a karaoke CD without any vocals.

The Custom Minus CD is a karaoke CD minus the lead vocals but may have backing vocals on some songs.
Song Titles
A Song of the Heart
A Child's Prayer
Like a River
Medley: As Sisters in Zion / Army of Helaman
The Woman You'll Be Someday
Primary Medley
As a Mother
Perry Family Song
Coming Home
On Wings of Song
Livin' My Dream
Thanks For the Music

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