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New Hymns For Choir & Home VOL. 4
In support of the Church's emphasis on hymn singing, Janice has collaborated with some of the finest hymntext writers of our day to produce these volumes of new sacred hymns for the new millenium. Appropriate for choir or home use, many of the hymns express devotion to our Savior, Jesus Christ. Other subjects are temple service, the first vision, the restoration, missionary service, scriptures, Christmas, the Holy Ghost, the second coming, Book of Mormon, and many more. Vol. 4 text writers are John V. Pearson, Janice Kapp Perry, David B. Larsen, Orson Scott Card, Donnell Hunter, Gary Croxall, Kevin Krogh, Steven Kapp Perry, Emily Watts, and Susan Evans McCloud. (36 hymns)

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Song Titles
A Prayer for Zion
All That the Earth Can Yield
All Things Testify of Christ
Father, Here Am I, Send Me
Give Me a New Heart
God Filled the World With Harmony
Have You Felt the Holy Spirit
He Sees Into My Soul
How Blessed Am I With Faith in God
How Gen’rous the Lord
How Sweet the Joy that Easter Morn
I Glory in My Savior’s Pow’r
I Testify of Jesus Christ
I Walk This Earthly Plain
In God’s Temple
Joseph Smith, the Mighty Seer
Like An Army With Banners
Moroni’s Prayer
Pour Out Thy Holy Spirit, Lord
Resurrection Hymn
Seeking Wisdom
Strength Sufficient For the Day
Tender Mercies of the Lord
The Children of God
The Gift of One
The One Sure Light
There Is a Tree Most Beautiful
Thy Work, O Lord
When Joseph Heard the Angel
Who Can Glory Too Much in the Lord
Winds of Heaven, Blow Me Homeward
With Each New Day
With the Faith of Alma and Nephi
Within These Walls

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