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New Hymns Inspired by General Conference Addresses, Oct 2018 & Apr 2019
Hymn singing is an important part of our heritage as members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Elder Boyd K. Packer, in October 1991 General Conference, said: “If we will listen, [hymns] are teaching the gospel, for the hymns of the Restoration are, in fact, a course in doctrine!” In his landmark speech entitled “The Arts and the Spirit of the Lord,” Elder Packer stated:

Our hymns speak the truth as far as they go. They could speak more of it if we had more of them specifically teaching the principles of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. If I had my way there would be many new hymns with lyrics near scriptural in their power, bonded to music that would inspire people to worship. Think how much we could be helped by another inspired anthem or hymn of the Restoration. (BYU, February 1, 1976)

In response to Elder Packer’s invitation we have been writing new hymns during the past decade based on favorite general conference sermons. Our hope was that once the central theme of each address was set to music it might serve as another witness of the inspired message, and would be sung in homes, in choirs, and in conjunction with the “Teachings For Our Time” lessons in Relief Society and Priesthood meetings.

Janice Kapp Perry
David B. Larsen

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Hymns Inspired by Selected General Conference Addresses

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