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Retail value of almost $500 for just $54! PLEASE NOTE: WE SOLD OUT ONE OF OUR TITLES, SO THIS DEAL IS NOW 54 BOOKS FOR $54
As our company moves toward an all-digital inventory, we are offering the remaining stock of our printed songbooks at more than an 90% discount. Do you know a piano student? This makes an amazing gift. Did one of your kids get married and move away with most of your songbooks? Here’s a great chance to replace them!

Each songbook in this package regularly retails between $6.98 and $11.98.

PLEASE NOTE: Because of the large numbers of songbooks we will be shipping out, it may take up to a week to get your order packed and in the mail.

FOREIGN ORDERS: If you order songbooks to be shipped outside the U.S. we will pack and weigh your order, determine shipping costs, and then email you for approval before processing and shipping your order.

• A Child’s Prayer
• Another Testament
• A Song of the Heart
• As Temples Fill the Earth
• A Time to Share
• By Small & Simple Means
• Christmas: A Holiday of the Heart
• Come to the House of the Lord
• Family: A Joyful Proclamation
• Far Different Places
• Far Into the Heart
• For the Strength of Youth
• Freedom’s Light
• From Cumorah’s Hill
• Happiness Comes In Colors
• Heal Our Land
• He Gives Me Strength
• Holding Hands Around the World
• In the Arms of His Love
• In the Hollow of Thy Hand
• Janice Kapp Perry Favorites Featuring Marvin Goldstein Vol 1
• Jesus’ Love Is Like a River
• Just One Little Light
• Keeping Sheep
• Let’s Sing About Latter-day Prophets
• Let the Holy Spirit Guide
• Let the Morning Come
• Lift Your Mind Higher
• Message In Motion
• My God Is Love
• New Hymns Vol 1
• New Hymns Vol 2
• New Hymns Vol 3
• New Hymns Vol 4
• New Hymns Vol 5
• New Hymns Inspired by the Conference Addresses of Elder Jeffrey R. Holland
• New Hymns Inspired by General Conference Addresses Oct 2017 & Apr 2018
• New Hymns Inspired by General Conference Addresses Oct 2018 & Apr 2019
• New Light
• Remember Me
• Sing a Song of Christmas
• Songs to Lean On
• The Book of Mormon Has Come Forth
• The Broken Bread
• The Light Within
• The Savior of the World
• The Things of Eternity
• This Is Jesus
• Walk in the Light
• We’ll Bring the World His Truth
• When a Prophet Speaks
• When I Feel His Love
• When It’s Love
• With All My Heart

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