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Freedom's Light
A nationally acclaimed and award-winning patriotic production from Senator Hatch and Janice Kapp Perry, this album continues to gain in popularity. "Everyday Heroes" was showcased and performed by over 8,000 high school kids at the America Sings! festival at the Washington Monument, and recorded by country duo Brooks & Dunn for the Salt Lake City Winter Olympic commemorative CD "Light Up the Land"; "Morning Breaks On Arlington" is fast becoming a tender favorite of war veterans; and "Heal Our Land" is the perfect patriotic anthem, used by civic and church choirs all over the country. George and Barbara Bush call it " inspiring patriotic album...that will thrill all who hear it."

The Custom Minus CD is a karaoke CD minus the lead vocals but may have backing vocals on some songs.
Song Titles
Freedom's Light
Morning Breaks On Arlington
Everyday Heroes
The Country of the Free
Heal Our Land
I Love Old Glory
I Pledge Allegiance
You Gotta Love This Country
One Nation Under God
One Voice

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