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* Heal Our Land (SATB)
A beautiful new American anthem played on "OPRAH" in the days following the Sept. 11 attacks, and sung by hundreds of choirs around the country. This song was most recently performed on the steps of the United States Capitol by Pastor Wintley Phipps during the inaugural ceremony for Pres. George W. Bush on January 20, 2005. This prayer for our country is written by Janice Kapp Perry and Senator Orrin G. Hatch, arranged by Jack Schrader, and published by Somerset Press. TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK.
Heal our land
Please grant us peace today
And strengthen all who lack the faith
To call on thee each day
Heal our land
And keep us safe and free
Watch over all who understand
The need for liberty

Heal our land, heal our land
And guide us with thy hand
Keep us ever on the path of liberty
Heal our land, heal our land
And help us understand
That we must put our trust in thee
If we would be free

Heal our land
Please help us find our way
For in thy word we find our strength
If we look up each day
Heal our land
And fill us with thy love
Keep us upon the path of truth
That comes from heaven above


Protect us by the power of thy love
And keep us one nation under God


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