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The Trail of Dreams
James Arrington, Marvin Payne, and Steven Kapp Perry have taken a fistful of true stories, a powerful cast of twenty, the passion of pioneer dreams, and woven the years of the Mormon exodus into a magical, musical tapestry of laughter, tears, and joy. Come away down the Trail of Dreams! Original cast recording. CD booklet includes 22 pictures from the original production.

1999 Pearl Award Winner: Best Soundtrack
Song Titles
Come Away
I Had a Son
It Began
A Box for My Dreams
Dancing Against the Cold
Angels Before Us / Come to the Valley
The Lottery
Rolling On!
Ordinary People
Buffalo Rumble
One Step Ahead
Wings to Fly
One Step
Entré Act / Stats
Blood On My Hands / Digging Deep
The Ballad of Rocky Ridge
Countless in Numbers
I'll Love Whatever's Left of You
In Another Place
On Big Mountain
A Box For Her Dreams
Oh Zion / Come Away

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